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Rodríguez Ramos was founded by Professor of Criminal Law Luis Rodríguez Ramos, and specialises in defending the interests of individuals and companies in criminal court proceedings, both within Spain and before European Courts, and indirectly before judges in other States via international legal cooperation instruments and collaborative teams of specialist law firms.

Drawing from continuous national and international legal experience and by incorporating the criminal responsibility of individuals to the Spanish criminal system, the firm designs, validates and adapts risk management systems of companies to their specific risks of criminal liability (ISO 37301:2021 “Compliance management systems — Requirements with guidance for use”), incorporating the identification and control of such risks into their culture, as well as the management of resources necessary to neutralise them.

While at all times catering to the legal needs of its clients, the firm remains attentive to other needs for protection that may arise from legal issues in which they are implicated, such as, for example, their reputation, with particular regard to digital content.

Luis Rodríguez Ramos

Dr. D. Luis Rodríguez Ramos